Tuesday, 29 November 2011

my first post...lickle bubba.

today, i bought some new additions to my wardrobe and i mention this because they were all products that i would never have considered purchasing in the past, big black boots lined with fur, a black leather biker jacket with a fur collar and a jumper with a huge tiger face on...and i got home on a high from all this shopping and thought well if i can branch out in fashion then why can't i take a step up and start a blog and i was particularly inspired by my lovely friend saira's blog, it's wise, funny, just generally entertaining (http://neverbelievedyouonlywantedto.blogspot.com/) and i just figured...why can't i do that? well...i can :D so here goes nothing, welcome to my blog fellow bloggers i.e saira, steph, elena...go wild (;

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