Wednesday, 30 November 2011


 recently i've realised that my bedroom is just a large collection of memories, photos, posters...just like little things that remind me of the good times, the little top of the bottle of cava that we had on prom night, the bag of  uncle ben's rice that anton brought round once just in case we got hungry, the little note with all the events of summer 2010 that molly and i made together in paris, friendly fires' drumstick that we caught at a festival...and i kinda wonder whether i should be starting a blank canvas after all the things that have it weird that i still have so many reminders of the past, things that are so obviously an indication of the past, reminders that these people in the photos are just the past for me now? i look at these things in my room and i rarely look at them and reminisce, i look at them and they just make me ponder whether things have changed for better, or for worse and i wonder now whether i want to look up every morning and be reminded repeatedly how i won't live moments like those, with those people ever again...

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