Wednesday, 8 February 2012

i'm a learner, haven't you heard?

yesterday i failed my driving test. for some reason, i ended up downloading an app for chatting on my phone, creating a twitter account and feeling an urge to get back on to my blog. i don't know whether it was like some compulsion to have power in other areas seeing as i couldn't change the outcome of my driving test...or whether i just needed a few different social outlets to distract me from my disappointment. yesterday i got that feeling, that one from your childhood, when all you've got is your toys and you just wish you could bring your doll or your teddy to life and make the imaginary stories and games you immerse yourself in become reality...yesterday i needed a lot of things to become reality, i needed that pass in my driving test, i needed my boyfriend to walk through that door and cuddle me til i stopped crying...and i needed a bloody time machine to be real!!! alas, all i had was a video of a beautiful little polar bear cub orphan to remind me that i had my family and they did a great job of comforting me.

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